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Quantum-Ion® Resonance Technology
Quantum-Ion® Resonance Technology was with a goal in mind: to create a better living environment. Founded by Dr. Steve Siaw with a group of passionate scientists namely Professor Mohamad Ibrahim (Malaysia) and Dr. Eason Chiang (Taiwan), the organization specializes in inventing products that promote a green lifestyle. Since 2004 , as a reputable indoor air quality specialist, they have dedicated themselves to the study of antimicrobial coatings and resonance technology on different media and carrier. In 2018, they completed Quantum-Ion® ® (currently under international patent pending), a revolutionary liquid coating that has the effect of antimicrobial protection, deodorizing and improving air quality. Quantum-Ion® Resonance Technology continues to stay committed to creating solutions which further their cause, expanding into improving indoor air quality and successfully created solutions for tackling airborne pathogen, research and more environmentally safe creations using only non toxic active ingredients that are beneficial to the community.

List of Patent Granted & Pending

  • PCT International Application No. PCT/MY2020/050117 dated 23 October 2020 for Resonance Antimicrobial Coating.
  • Singapore Patent No. 189823, Invention: A filter and device for treating air
  • Malaysia Patent No. MY-171566-A, Invention: A filter and device for treating air
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  • Spray Section-Dyeing device (m352546;Republic of China (Taiwan))
  • Fabric dyeing apparatus by plasma (TWM360895;Republic of China (Taiwan))
  • Liquid ammonia processing device for fabric (m349406;Republic of China(Taiwan))
  • Singapore Patent No. 11201709479V, Invention: A method of optimizing energy usage

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